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Patrick McCarthy
Tom Bellamy
Anne Aylward
Mike Jordan
John Dalmedo
Warren Hickey

Competitors Club.

The Competitors Club is a separate branch of SKA with the sole purpose of raising funds for the athletes of Sports Karate Australia. The C.C. is an incorporated entity made up largly by parents of students and adult members of SKA.

The C.C. raises funds by running raffles, sausage sizzles and procuring sponsorship/ donations from local businesses.

The C.C. distributes these funds to athletes by contributing to tournament entries and travel expenses for athletes.

Please click the link to see the Competitors Club policy and current members.

If you would like to donate your time or money please contact the current President or Vice President.

Our sponsors
Rene Roggeveen was born in Sydney in 1959 to Dutch immigrant parents.

Rene achieved his Black Belt in 1985. Rene currently has achieved his 6th Dan in Karate and his 4th Dan in JuJitsu.

Sports Karate Australia was founded in 2001.