The youngest students we have ever had were 3 years old. This is highly unusual, however, but we allow children to try the classes no matter their age. We understand that younger children will naturally want to be with their older siblings.

Once they have had their free trial lesson we will have a far better idea of how they will enjoy the  classes and cope with the demands of training.

Please visit the Grading information page for more information on gradings.

Please visit the Belt Rank page for information on belt colour and rank.

Please visit the Conduct page for important information on behavioural expectations.

Class Structure.

All classes begin with a warm up.

Then the body of the class will consist of 2 of the following skills
Self Defence
Board Breaking
Weapons (Nunchuku)
Sparring Skills

and 2 of the following games
King of the Mat
Kata Comp
Sparring Comp

Once the class is nearing conclusion the students will be asked to line up so that badges and certificates can be awarded, announcements made and finally, they can bow out and be dismissed formally.