Frequently asked Questions

Q. I want my child to have more lessons to try before committing. Can I just pay for lessons rather than making a commitment?
A. No. Each new member has one no charge, obligation free lesson to try before they need to buy insurance. We have had to negotiate with our insurance company to have even that small assistance for parents. It is irresponsible to knowingly train without insurance. To do so without the approval of our insurance company is can cause legal problems. You must at least come prepared to pay the insurance portion ($90) on your second visit.

Q. I don't want to get a Sports Karate Australia T-shirt, can my child train in any T-shirt?
A. No, Students must wear the appropriate uniform and show respect by being clean, neat and properly attired.

Q. Can I bring my other children to Karate to watch?
A. Yes, but you must be responsible for them at all times. Children in attendance who are not training must be kept off the mat at all times. Only people who have up-to-date insurance are permitted on the mat. This includes parents.
Furthermore, non-participating children must not cause disruption to the class. If they become noisy they should be taken outside until they can control themselves.

Q. Do you have books and other training items for sale?
A. Yes. We have Kata books which detail each move of the Kata'a for White through to Brown belt for students to work on at home.
We also stock a self defence training DVD hosted by Shihan Tom Bellamy.

Q. I am not a student, do I still have to bow as I enter and leave the Dojo (training centre)?
A. Yes, it is expected that once any person is familiar with the protocols that they follow them. The rule is for everyone, not just students and instructors.

Q. Am I permitted to drop my child off at the beginning of class and return at the end to collect them?
A. Yes, we understand that some parents are busy with many children, and have many after-school activities. But we do hope you will occasionally stay and watch or come early to watch when you are collecting them.
Please make sure the children have their training cards and fees with them for the duration of their lesson.

Q. When joining may I mix and match Gi tops and pants for different sizes?
A. No, Gi's must be sold as the sets they are packed in. No mix and match allowed.

Q. Can I buy a pair of Gi pants or a Gi top separately?
A. Unfortunately, No. Gi's are sold only in full sets.

Q. Can I put my older and younger children in the same class for my convenience?
A. Yes, we are flexible when it comes to which class students attend. It is acceptable for children of any age to train even at the 6:30pm family class with their parent.

Q. My child has a learning/ physical disability, will that be a problem?
A. Firstly, thank you for making us aware of your circumstances. In these situations we advise for the child to have a free lesson, for the parent to watch and then to make a decision on how the child is coping. After the lesson, it is advisable to chat to the instructor about what he/she thinks also.
Most students with minor disabilities do very well in Karate, and we are happy to have them.

Q. Can I pay with credit card?
A. Yes we have facilities for Mastercard, Visa and Bankcard as well as Bartercard. Unfortunately, we are not able to process EFTPOS.

Q. What is Redlands Sporting Club?
A. Redlands Sporting Club (RSC) is a club within the Redlands Shire that our club (SKA) affiliates with. We often hold gradings there as well as our Competitors Club meetings. RSC often supports our members by funding athletes (who are also members of RSC) in Tournaments.
We also offer discounts on sparring gear and various other items for members of RSC. We can arrange for you to become a member of RSC at any time.

Q. My Child just turned 8 can he she still get a junior grading.
A. No the Junior curriculum is directed specifically for 4 to 7 years old, 8 Years is the appropriate cut off.