Q. What is a Grading?

A. A Grading is a structured test of your karate skills and ability. It is run like a long, formal class, it lasts from 2 to 2.5 hours.
A panel of between 2 - 6 (or more) Black Belts will watch and monitor you as you work from
Warm up, Basics, Kicks through to your Kata and warm down.
You will also be graded on your sparring ability once you are a Blue Belt and above.
Please note: Gradings are formal events. You must wear a full GI with a club badge sewn on in order to be considered to grade.
Once your Grading is completed you will be informed of your new Karate Rank and you'll have the opportunity to buy your new coloured belt.

Q. What is a Pre Grading?

A. A Pre Grading is a practice grading. It is run exactly as the grading will be except that instead of grading you will recieve a written report which gives you details on what areas you may need to improve on for the grading.
After the pre grading you will know for sure if you are ready to grade.
Pre gradings cost $25 and can save you time and money if it turns out you're not ready to grade.
Check the newsletter for pre grading times, dates and locations.

Q. How often are Gradings?

A. Formal gradings are held every 3 months. Check the newsletter for grading times and dates.

Q. What's the difference between a Junior and a Senior Grading?

A. A Junior grading is a fairly new option for students. Junior gradings were introduced for children aged 7 and under because many parents complained about the late nights involved in traditional gradings.
Under the Junior Grading system children have the option of automatically grading once they have collected the 5 skills badges associated with their next grade, namely
Junior graders pay a reduced grading fee, receive a Junior certificate and Junior belt which has a stripe rather than a full colour.

Children aged 7 or under who wish to do a formal grading may do so, however, once a child turns 8 they must switch to the more formal grading.

Q. How much does a Grading cost?

A. Junior Gradings for children aged 7 and under are:
$40 with a velcro belt or
$35 with a traditional canvas belt.

Senior Gradings cost
$55 for White, Yellow and Green Belts
$60 for Blue and Up

Q. What is the belt colour/ order in Sports Karate Australia?

A. The belt colour order is
10th Kyu              White
9th Kyu                Yellow
8th Kyu                Orange
7th Kyu                Green
6th Kyu                Blue
5th Kyu                Red
4th Kyu                Brown with a white stripe
3rd Kyu                Brown
2nd Kyu                Brown with a black stripe
1st Kyu              Brown and black
Trainee Black      Black and White

The highest ranking member in Sports Karate Australia is Shihan Rene. Shihan Rene is a 6th Dan.
All Dan Grades in SKA wear Black Belts.
Check out our hierarchy here.

3rd Kyu Brown Belts may wear the SKA medallion in bronze.
Black Belts and 1st Dans may wear the SKA medallion in silver.
2nd Dans may wear the SKA medallion in gold.
5th Dans may wear the SKA medallion in platinum.

Q. How long will it take me to become a Black Belt?

A. The journey to Black Belt is a personal one. With Sports Karate Australia the fastest progression possible is 4 years from White belt.
This is because we impose mandatory lesson quotas before you may attempt the higher gradings.

Q. Can anyone become a Black Belt?

A. Yes, anyone who is determined can achieve Black Belt.