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MARCH 2018

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Volunteering Opportunities

Tournament Officials
Queensland is hosting the AKF (Olympic Federation) Nationals in August this year.
Karate is an Olympic sport in 2020 TOKYO
We need to provide table officials, ring marshalls and able bodied people to help out.
Full training provided and you get a ring side seat.
Your participation will also raise Sports Karate Australia's profile within the discipline.

Competitors Club
As you may know, not all children are fortunate enough to be able to afford to pursue all of their sporting dreams and aspirations due to the financial costs involved.
In response to the needs of some of our families, we support and promote involvement of parents, guardians and civic minded community members in our Competitors Club.

The Competitors Club is separate from SKA and functions like the P&C of a school.

The Competitors Club is not for profit and raises money strictly to be used by our students for their Karate aspirations.

The Competitors Club has traditionally in the past sponsored every willing competitor to enter our local tournaments.
They have also sponsored our away tournaments by hiring buses to Toowoomba, for example.

But without your help the financial assistance cannot continue.

The Competitors Club is made up of really great people, like you, who care about making sure all the kids have every chance possible to enjoy and achieve everything that they want to in karate without the worry of endless costs.

if you are able to volunteer, (and I hope that you are)please contact Liz Sheen, our current president on
0403 318 830 or at

We like to have representatives from all sectors; parents, guardians, competitors, instructors or even just generous locals willing to donate their time for this great cause.

Your generosity and help is appreciated and needed more than you realise.


Saturday 10th March Wynnum Dojo 9am*
Tuesday 13th March Dojo 6pm*
Wednesday 14th March Victoria Point 6pm*

*Pre-gradings cost $25 and run for 2 hours minimum (longer for grades higher than blue belt because their pre-gradings include sparring)
Brown belts or higher MUST pre-grade, if this is you please note that you may attend multiple pre-gradings and we will only charge you for the first one.
If you are on a bronze plan you may use 2 lessons to cover the cost.
Also please remember that pre-gradings are a FORMAL EVENT, ensure that you wear a full clean GI (no t-shirts)with your SKA badge sewn on.

Wednesday 21st March
Redlands Sporting Club
Ansen Rd Wellington Point
2 sessions 4pm for juniors (under blue belt)
6pm for seniors (blue belt and higher)

Please remember that Gradings are a FORMAL EVENT, ensure that you wear a full clean GI (no t-shirts)with your SKA badge sewn on.
Children must wear shoes and be accompanied by an adult when walking through Redlands Sporting Club. RSC is a licensed venue with a strict dress code. Thank you.

Affordable private lessons are available anytime for your convenience.
Call Clinton 0433 588 932 to arrange a time.
Private lessons are $30 per 30mins