Patrick Mc Carthy is a Japan trained and accredited 9th Dan black belt in traditional Karatedo. He also has a Hanshi-level teacher's license.

During the mid-seventies, while pursuing a successful competitive career, McCarthy met the "Harvard Professor of the Martial Arts", Master Richard Kim, a disciple of whose he subsequently became in 1977. A holder of a Butokukai Hanshi Ninth Dan Master's license, Kim Sensei emphasized the importance of studying karate's nonutilitarian elements. As a result of Master Kim's influence, McCarthy undertook a deep study of karate's history and philosophy, the research for which continues to this day.

His research has brought him not only to Japan, but also Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the People's Republic of China. With an extensive background in both the Okinawan and Chinese fighting arts, McCarthy was in a unique position to research the most profound and influential document in the history of karate-do, the Bubishi. Since that time, he has interviewed and trained with the world's top masters of gongfu and karate-do while unraveling the history of this document and the fighting systems associated with it.

After moving to Japan in 1985, he became Master Kim's personal representative in Japan and in 1987 established the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society (IRKRS) as an outgrowth of his research. IRKRS is a non-profit, nonpolitical group of researchers and practitioners of budo, dedicated, but not limited, to the analysis, preservation, and promotion of karate-do.
Mr. McCarthy is a frequent contributor to martial arts magazines throughout the world, author of The Classical Kata of Okinawan Karate, Beyond Physical Training, Kata: Karate's Paragon of Mystery, and translator of Miyagi Chojun's 1934 Outline of Karate-do, The Secrets of Wudang Boxing, Taira Shinken's 1964 Ryukyu Kobudo Taikan, The Matsumura and Itosu Precepts, and the 1936 Meeting of the Okinawan Masters.

Hanshi McCarthy travels around the world lecturing on karate history and philosophy, kata applications, the Bubishi, and kobudo.

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Seminars cost $30 per person.