The more commonly seen weapons also include the Sai, Tonfa, Katana and Kama.

These weapons are available for skill based learning from 4th Kyu and above.

Skills and knowledge in these weapons, history and use are not required for grading, although proficiency and interest are noted.

Weapons are taught during class time. Please speak to your instructor if you would like more information on specific weapons training.

Some of the weapons you can train to use at Sports Karate Australia
Our student Tomas Cracknell Nunchaku

We offer training in Nunchaku in general class time. There are no age/ level requirements.
Training with Nunchaku develops quicker hand movements and better posture.

Nunchaku is interesting and fun, it is not a requirement for advancement to higher grades.
Bo Staff

Bo Staff kata is taught from 4th Kyu. Training with the Bo Staff is a requirement for higher level gradings.